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You’re probably thinking…


“This woman is offering to have my back, but who the heck is she?
Do I even want what she’s got? Does she have her happy ending?”


All fair questions. Here’s a little bit about me…

Patricia Dechant Relationship CoachMy Mission: to support women to make their own way, to live a life they love.


You could also describe me as a hopeless romantic and a grown woman who wants to believe in happy endings. Maybe even fairy tales. I’ve done the long-term relationship. I’ve done the major dramatic, depressing breakup. Three times over, actually.

Like many women, I’ve made some bad decisions and compromised my dreams and wants and needs, all in the name of love. And I’ve learned some tough, but extremely valuable lessons along the way.

So, there’s my little secret: I’ve been you. I understand where you’re at because I was there once, too. I know what it takes to build yourself back up from all the heartache, and I also know first hand that it’s even tougher when you feel all alone.

Today, I can honestly say I’m in the best place I’ve been in my adult life.


I think that’s saying something.

Just to round things out, here are a few random fun facts about me. I am That Woman who…

  • Introduces herself as Patricia, but you can call me Patty once we get to know each other.
  • Has a wicked crush on Eddie Vedder. If you don’t know who that is… well, I fear for the depths we can take our relationship. Okay, that’s a joke and a sample of my sense of humour. (But, come on…seriously?)
  • Loves her French bulldog Bugatti absolutely to bits. So much so, that I have even become THAT WOMAN who now carries a (clean, I promise) poop bag in her Kate Spade purse.
  • Unashamedly eats (a lot of) peanut butter, off a spoon right outta the jar.
  • Is best described as a boots and jeans kinda girl. Oops. I mean “mature woman”.
  • Appreciates sarcasm.
  • Is your typical Scorpio and has been known to describe astrology as her religion.


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