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The Contradiction

You: “Leave me the hell alone.” That voice in your head: “be careful what you wish for.” You: “No! Wait…” You’d sure like to know what is going on with you, wouldn’t you? You judge your own past as some sorry tale of exactly what NOT to do to have happy relationships....

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7 Days to a More Confident You

7 Days to a More Confident You Why have you totally turtled? I mean, there you were… Puttering merrily along. Doing your thing. Feeling good. Feeling actually quite confident. Being busy just being you. Confidently being you. Until… bam! Whether you felt it sneaking...

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3 Ways to Be THAT Woman

3 Ways to Be THAT Woman So, since the breakup, you've still been feeling kind of... well, off. You are doing so much better, though. Not wasting a lot of time or energy thinking about him. But you're getting restless. Feeling ready to move on with things. But you also...

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