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Get Real - the quiz

be THAT authentic woman

This is NOT a test.¬†There are no right answers. There are only your answers. BUT… you cannot heal or change what you do not acknowledge. It’s time to get real and be totally honest with yourself so that you can best focus your energy going forward.


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Check out the latest mutterings and musings from the blog, covering topics around relationships, codependency, forgiveness, trust, surrender, healing, body image, and self acceptance.

Are you always asking yourself…

“when is it finally going to be my time?”


It starts with imperfectly showing up…


Go Deep, Get Real, and Be True Yourself.

a vision that I look forward to making a reality…

Patty was able to gently ask the questions that needed to be asked. She is unafraid to sit in the silence, but at the same time encourages answers. I felt so seen during my time with Patty and I was able to create a goal and a vision that I look forward to making a reality.

Kim Cheel

You can be THAT woman who dares to be real, authentic and unapologetically herself


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