Stop chasing happily-ever-after


Take back YOUR life and Be THAT Woman

who lives fully and happily ON YOUR OWN TERMS

Confession Time: I have always been a hopeless romantic and a total sucker for a good old tear-jerker, fairy tale happy ending.


I’ve done the long-term relationship thing. I’ve done the major dramatic, depressing breakup. Three times over, actually.


Like many women, I’ve made my share of poor choices and bad decisions and compromised my own dreams, wants and needs, all in the name of love.  So I’ve learned the hard way some tough, but extremely valuable lessons.


Today, I can honestly say I’m in the best place I’ve been in my adult life.


So, there’s my little secret: I’ve been you. I get where you’re at, because I was there once not so long ago, too. I know from experience what it takes to build yourself back up from all the heartache. AND I also know first-hand that it’s even tougher when you feel all alone.



Those unique, quirky things that make you YOU…

let your true beauty shine from the inside out

And just for fun, here’s a few totally random facts about me.

I am THAT woman who…

  • Introduces herself as Patricia. Once we hit it off, you can call me Patty
  • Has a wicked crush on Eddie Vedder. If you don’t know who that is… well, I fear for the depths we can take our relationship. Okay. That’s a joke and a sample of my sense of humour. Well… mostly. Because… come on… seriously…
  • Loves my Frenchie Bugatti absolutely to bits. So much so, that I have now become THAT woman, crazy dog lady and most responsible pet owner who is always prepared by stashing poop bags in my most favourite Kate Spade purse
  • Usually chooses comfort food in the form of peanut butter. Off a spoon, right outta the jar. Often with a side of chocolate
  • Loves, loves, loves all things coffee
  • Believes sarcasm is an art form
  • Is a typical Scorpio and just might tell you astrology is my religion

Now it’s YOUR turn 

I want to know all about you

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