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If you’ve ever been accused of being needy (probably by a guy who just wasn’t capable of loving you like you deserve), you might think that asking for help is a sign of weakness.
I actually think it’s really brave to give yourself permission to reach out. Once you take that first step, we can tackle the rest together. To create your happily-ever-after.

Here’s how I can help…

Be THAT Woman Support Community
Join my support community on Facebook to connect with me and to meet other women just like you, going through the exact same thing.
My online forum is a safe place for you to…

  • Find and use your voice
  • Feel heard and accepted
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Practice making decisions that are in your own best interest
  • Re-discover your sense of humour and allow yourself to really laugh again


“I am NOT NEEDY but…”


I need this

This is where you get to piece your broken spirit back together and move forward. NOT beat yourself up any more – SO. STOP. THAT. ALREADY!
It’s also the place to be for helpful resources, announcements and the latest program offerings.
So grab a coffee, pull up your chair, and c’mon over.

That’s not a place I’ve really been, but I’d like to try it out.

I want this

Got 30 minutes? Let’s Chat

Do you feel more comfortable one-on-one? Prefer a more personal touch? Let’s get to know each other through a complementary private call.
Use my easy online scheduler to choose a date and time that work for you. We’ll see how we click and if we’re ready to share some quality time together.
It’s easy for people to tell you, “Be bold. Be brave.”
But here’s the deal: that new you – that confident you
she needs help and support.
I’m here to give you that.

I support my clients while they create a life they love and are proud of by helping them to:

  • Feel heard and empowered
  • Clearly ask for what they want
  • Acknowledge their unique strengths and embrace what they might consider to be their weaknesses
  • Know that they can survive and even thrive without a man/partner
  • Feel confident with their voice, to stand up for themselves and what they care about
  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Feel better-prepared to handle what life inevitably throws at them – and know they will be okay
  • Take good care of themselves first so that they are able to then care for others
  • Have more of what they want most in their lives: love, happiness, fun, fulfillment

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Let me in already!

Isn't it time to make up with you already?


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