GET REAL and Dive DEEP, in a Day

Have you just not been feeling like yourself lately?



Would you say your confidence is, at best, shot?


Do you fear you’ve lost your shine?



And have you got an event coming up that you would dearly love to start to turn that around for?


Are you looking for a serious confidence boost?

Do you just want to feel better about yourself already?

GET REAL and dive Deep, In a Day

is a full-day intensive to get you moving and jump-start you out the other side.



Over 6 hours together, you will explore and reframe
what’s holding you back about your current self-image,
around such topics as strengths versus weaknesses, self-talk, permission,
boundaries and using your voice.


Including brainstorming ideas and activities to help you
feel more prepared and eager for what’s to come.



PLUS 3 follow-up hours to use as YOU choose.

You are only ever one decision away

from changing your life

YOU can be THAT woman who…


likes yourself even just a little more every day

because you can LET GO of the perfectionism, judgments, expectations 
and the shoulds that have been weighing you down
so that you can confidently use your voice to speak your truth, to stand up for what you believe in,
to ask for what you want and need, to feel seen AND heard.


You can be THAT woman who sets boundaries, can say “no”
and can form functional, fun, reciprocal relationships


all while giving yourself full permission to unapologetically JUST BE YOU…


so that you can define your happily-ever-after ON YOUR OWN TERMS



to actually live your life AND enjoy it!

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