When the thing you’ve thought you wanted most all of your life

has always seemed to somehow slip right through your fingers…


Has chasing happily-ever-after

instead left you feeling mostly empty, lost and miserable?



Like something is just fundamentally wrong with you, because you couldn’t have it?

And certainly not for lack of trying. So you’re bone-weary and tired to show for it.


Are you only going through the motions of your life?


Are you settling or half-assing it, when it comes to your hopes and dreams?


Have you often felt like you’ve been living someone else’s soap opera. Or never-ending drama?


How much of your life do you believe is happening to you?


Take Back AND Transform YOUR Life

After so much time spent longing and looking for somone to make a life with…


After more breakups or relationship failures than you might care to count
have done a number on your self-esteem and self-worth…


After compromising and adapting and changing yourself to please others or fit into their world,..



Take Back AND Transform YOUR Life 

is designed to help you MAKE UP WITH YOURSELF

Be THAT Woman who chooses herself

And it’s NOT about fixing yourself, NOT about being perfect – and therefore finally worthy —
of what you want or of fulfilling your hopes and dreams.



It’s all about finally accepting yourself for who you truly are.

Be THAT Woman who believes she is worthy

Take Back and Transform YOUR Life 

includes 24 sixty-minute  one-on-one coaching sessions over 12 months in which…


You will re-connect with your authentic self on a soul level,
to look within to grow self-awareness and deeply get to know and accept yourself.


You will explore a wide range of topics, including overcoming shame,
self-care, self-talk, self-image, self-acceptance
— Are you sensing a theme here?
Also body image. boundaries, assertiveness, confidence, perfectionism,
control versus surrender, trust, intuition, speaking your truth, connection and forgiveness.


You will give yourself permission to honour your heart’s desires and really feel again.

You will become your own best friend.


Be THAT happy, fulfilled Woman


Plus.. a surprise bonus to be revealed later

to wrap up the whole process and celebrate YOU!

Be THAT Woman who is comfortable in her own skin

YOU can be THAT woman who…


likes yourself even just a little more every day


because you can LET GO of the perfectionism, judgments, expectations 
and the shoulds that have been weighing you down


so that you can confidently use your voice to speak your truth, to stand up for what you believe in,
to ask for what you want and need, to feel seen AND heard.


You can be THAT woman who sets boundaries, can say “no”
and can form functional, fun, reciprocal relationships


all while giving yourself full permission to unapologetically JUST BE YOU…


so that you can define your happily-ever-after ON YOUR OWN TERMS



to actually live your life AND enjoy it!

Be THAT authentic Woman

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