Take Back Your Life

“You’ve gotta love yourself before anyone else can.”


Do those words make you roll your eyes and think

“Great…Here we freakin’ go again…”?



Well… That’s actually okay.


Because that implies that you are somehow fundamentally unlovable if you’re just not there yet.

So that’s actually a good place to start,  if it pushes your buttons.



And maybe you’re not quite there because you believe you’re somehow broken,
being THAT woman who tends to fall hard and fast, who only knows how to love hard,
is super sensitive AND always tends to gives until it hurts,
because you believe that’s how give-and-take should work.


All in the name of love.


It is okay to love yourself first.


What if you gave yourself permission?


And, maybe… just maybe… are you still more than slightly terrified

at the thought of ending up alone?



Because you’re also wondering how you’ve gone so wrong before?



Not to mention, exactly where all that striving to be

the “good girl” has ever gotten you?



More of what you say you want most in your life?

Like more love, happiness, fun, connection…?



Was your answer to that a resounding “Yeah…not so much?

You are NOT broken. You do NOT need to be fixed.

You are lovable exactly as you are.

Take Back YOUR Life 

includes 12 sixty-minute one-on-one coaching sessions over six months in which…


You will re-connect with your authentic self on a soul level,
to look within to grow self-awareness and deeply get to know and accept yourself.


You will explore a wide range of topics, including overcoming shame,
self-care, self-talk, self-image, self-acceptance
— Are you sensing a theme here?
Also body image. boundaries, assertiveness, confidence, perfectionism,
control versus surrender, trust, intuition, speaking your truth, connection and forgiveness.


You will give yourself permission to honour your heart’s desires and really feel again.

You will become your own best friend.

You CAN be THAT woman who…


likes yourself even just a little more every day

because you can LET GO of the perfectionism, judgments, expectations 
and the shoulds that have been weighing you down
so that you can confidently use your voice to speak your truth, to stand up for what you believe in,
to ask for what you want and need, to feel seen AND heard.
You can be THAT woman who sets boundaries, can say “no”
and can form functional, fun, reciprocal relationships

all while giving yourself full permission to unapologetically JUST BE YOU…


so that you can define your happily-ever-after ON YOUR OWN TERMS

to actually live your life AND enjoy it!

“Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years

and it hasn’t worked.

Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”

– Louise Hay

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