1 Major Way Einstein was a total Asshole

Maybe you’ve seen it so many times now, it’s made you nearly wanna puke. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein.

F… F… S…

I’m sure you would agree: Einstein was – IS — considered a genius, Yes? He’s only gone down in history for developing The Theory of Relatively. One of the two pillars of physics, you know. (Thank you, Google.)






Along with that so-oft-quoted-it’s-freaking-hurl-inducing definition.

Do you sense a certain button has been pushed?

Can I get at least a tentative pinky up if you’re with me on this?

Confession 1: I really would rather not be alone right now.

Now, I personally was a decent A-ish student in high school.

Confession 2: who went on to flunk out of physics in university.

So, as much as I wanna think I’ve got my shit together… and as defeating as it might be to admit I haven’t exactly got this whole life thing all totally under control… (yet?? Because I do wanna remain positive and hopeful and optimistic.) …triggered or not, I guess I’d like to consider myself smart enough to know that I’ve simply gotta defer here.



Sure… You’re smart.

But who’s the genius???



Would you rather… be right… or be happy?

I’d like to be fucking both… actually… for once… thank you very much.

…but if you had to choose???

Whether it is the field of work you retrain to switch into… to continue to trade your cherished time for the money that seems to make the world go round… but be grateful for the ability to pay your bills, have a fridge full of food (along with the love handles to prove it) and take the odd well-deserved vacation… only to continue to count the hours until you can go to bed, to toss and turn the night away, dreading the blare of your chosen sickeningly-cheery iPhone alarm tone at an ungodly hour…

Back to the love handles…

Whether it is tallying up exactly how many different diets or gym memberships or trainers or convenient at-home DVD workouts or programs or lifestyle changes you have thrown money a… whoops, make that “invested into,” and exactly how many times you have yoyo-ed and lost the weight, only to have gained it back. Why, yes, Ms. Expert Fitness Trainer/Healthy Eating Coach, PLUS MORE…

My pants are tight.




Whether it is the people you choose to actually allow yourself to get close to now. Even dare to profess your love to again. Mr. Initially You Were So NOT MY Type. But you gave it a go. In the name of doing things differently. Until fear runs through your veins when you fight the same-old fight, and you can’t help but think “I can’t believe this. Here I go again… When are things – when am I — ever going to really change?

When are you really and truly doing things differently? And when are you still just trying to put lipstick on a pig?



How much do we ever really change, anyway?



If you did raise your pinky in solidarity to being rather ticked with dear old Einstein, for being made to feel wrong by his genius… do you fundamentally, deep in your cellular being somewhere believe that you need to change –aka “FIX” – yourself before you will be worthy? Of everything? Of anything?

FIX… as in make yourself RIGHT?

RIGHT… as in, perhaps, perfect?

A little more modern-day wisdom. Brene Brown defines shame as “the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we ARE FLAWED and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.”

She goes on to explain the difference between shame and guilt: That guilt is believing we have done something wrong. Shame is believing we are wrong.

Do you see the difference?

Along this life somewhere, have you hardwired the belief deep into your soul that not only have you done wrong – behaved poorly in a certain moment or made what would turn out to be certain bad-but-human choices — but that YOU ARE WRONG?

Because if you do fundamentally believe that, at your core YOU ARE WRONG, the Universe is going to continue to prove to you and show you evidence that … wait for it… you are RIGHT!

Just how ironically fucked-up is that? In believing you are wrong… and then proving yourself wrong… you are, indeed, right.

(And there’s the good news. See… you can be right!)

There is another school of thinking that goes something like, if you want change…. you reframe an existing belief that you hold… develop an emotional attachment to that new thought… which leads to you taking different actions… which, in turn, leads to different results.



Belief + Feeling + Action = Result



That formula may look relatively simple. Some days it probably feels more like…


[(A + B) x infinity] Belief + [(C + D + E/F – G)1000 Feeling] + 1/100H Action = WTF is this??? Result


Nearly a two-liner, it’s so complicated. When you factor in all the variables.

Certainly sanity-testing.

But notice… nowhere in that equation is YOU.

It has absolutely nothing to do with changing, fixing or being more or less of YOU.


Bottom Line:

It has everything to do with acceptance.

Like I’m just always not gonna get physics. …and that’s okay.


Patty’s Theory of Acceptance

 Enlightenment/Empowerment = Me x Compassion …and take that sucker to the nth degree


Fact: Einstein was a genius. You kinda just gotta give it to him: He was right.

Genius that he was, though, he cannot make you feel anything.

A.E… I sincerely apologize for calling you an asshole… but I let you make me feel that I am wrong.

My bad.

I wonder if he was happy, too?

What an asshole.


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